Gravity                                                               Zero contour gravity                                                                                                           Magnetics

A time lapse sequence of gravity and magnetic structure of part of the onshore UK, implementing Kovesi's white paper, 2013 and utilizing BGS land gravity and vintage aeromagnetic data. The filter process involves compressing (bandpass filtering) successive bands of wavelength energy, an amplitude gain correction and normalization in order to equalize anomalies and enhance structure, whilst preserving the original phase of the anomalies. The sequences start at short wavelength and ends at longer wavelength components of geophysical structure over the UK, spanning 15-1500km and 3-300km wavelength range for the gravity and magnetics respectively. The original Free Air gravity is processed according to standard gravity process, and further enhanced to produce a residual crustal gravity product, prior to applying the dynamic range process. The aeromagnetics, comprising IGRF corrected measurements are transformed to a differential reduced to pole product (after Arkani-Hamed and Swain). Local amplitudes appear light associated with peaks, and dark associated with troughs.

Contains British Geological Survey materials © UKRI (2021)
Kovesi, 2013 Phase Preserving Tone Mapping of Non-Photographic High Dynamic Range Images