Abstract to Regional to basin scale influence of strike slip tectonism on the evolution of the western Caribbean Margin: implications for petroleum play systems in Patuca and Mosquitia, presentation on 4 year synthesis of work in Central America, focussing on Honduras margin, Geological Society London, May 16th, 2019

Strike slip tectonic controls on the East African Rift System poster presentation PESGB, November 2018

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Freetown Layered Igneous Complex – a significant offshore extension defined by seismic stratification and residual gravity – a potential offshore stratiform ore target, July 2018, Geological Society of London

GeoExpro update Discussing some of the new advances and sigmoids

AAPG presentation from Salt Lake City posted online Extended abstract available

A new white paper on important advances in understanding earthquake distributions, the fault structures they lie upon (this paper may be edited and updated in due course date: 31.01.19) to see initiation of earthquake studies.

AAPG presentation from Lisbon posted online Extended abstract available

Sigmoid tectonics, Regional PESGB Branch Meeting, November 22nd 2018

The East African Transform Margin - a major new interpretation using potential fields geophysics, October 2017, Geological Society of London

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