Shallow crustal residual gravity 2018
Seamless global coverage, derived from public sources, 1 minute offshore, 5/ 15 minute onshore resolution. Onshore and polar data source from Grace gravity. Alternatively onshore processed Sandwell.
The release of shallow crustal residual gravity utilized in Subterrane’s presentations, with application to furthering understanding of the Earth’s linkage between shallow and deep crustal structure, and the objective of unifying plate tectonics and plume theory. Full corrections applied including, but not limited to, Bouguer, Earth curvature and terrain. Consistency between independent satellite, air, marine and ground readings.  
The global dataset  is available as a product delivered under a single company use digital license agreement. Provided in ascii xyz format under WGS84 datum in geographic coordinates. Alternatively supplied in grid format, and other coordinate systems.
Also available at 15 minute resolution utilizing the Grace Gravity mission data.

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Data sources used in construction of shallow crustal residual gravity:
GEBCO 2014: The GEBCO_2014 Grid, version 20150318,
GGM02: Tapley, B., J. Ries, S. Bettadpur, D. Chambers, M. Cheng, F. Condi, B. Gunter, Z. Kang, P.Nagel, R. Pastor, T. Pekker, S.Poole, F. Wang, 2005 "GGM02 - An improved Earth gravity field model from GRACE", Journal of Geodesy, doi: 10.1007/s00190-005-0480-z
Sandwell et al gravity: Data: SIO, NOAA. Sandwell, D. T., Müller, R. D., Smith, W. H. F., Garcia, E. and Francis, R., 2014, New global marine gravity model from Cryo-Sat-2 and jason-1 reveals buried tectonic structure. Science, Vol. 346, 6205, pp. 65-67, doi: 10.1126/science.1258213
Crust 2.0 ice thickness: Bassin, C., Laske, G. and Masters, G., 2000, The Current Limits of Resolution for Surface Wave Tomography in North America, EOS Trans AGU, 81, F897