Currently Subterrane is investigating the link between Earth's shallow and deep structure, the processes that link plate tectonics with plume theories, and how these practically apply to exploration. I call this Sigmoid Tectonics, driven by strike slip envelopes. See the latest research


Subsurface geological terranes are inferred by geological observation and geophysical measurement.  These observations and measurements vary by scale and depth. Subterrane utilizes research and technology to make factual correlations to improve interpretations.

about Subterrane

Integrating old ideas and new technology to achieve exploration success. Synthesizing geological interpretation at macro to micro-scale. Utilizing  geophysical  methods combined with geological and geochemical integration. Research driven,  technology adoption, and harnessing advances in measured data precision.


As the world’s resources have become discovered at the surface, the need for exploration drives investigation by geophysical survey methods and technology deeper beneath the Earth's terrain. We need to find subcropping prospects with resolution gains in technology, tied to surface observations and subsurface inference.

local to regional terranes

subsurface exploration


In principle, all measurements of geophysical surveys require some means of property contrast for a residual anomaly to help us understand the subsurface. Just as in geological mapping, we need outcrops, drill core and trenches to help us understand the subsurface. In all forms of investigation there is ambiguity. Synthesizing observations reduces this ambiguity.